Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Jig?

A Jig is a piece of 3D knowledge, in a step-by-step format similar to PowerPoint. Jigs are easy for anyone to create and share, and are viewable in augmented reality (AR).


What does JigSpace run on?

JigSpace works on iPhone, iPad, and desktop computers.


Is it free or paid?

JigSpace is free on iPhone and iPad.
Users can upgrade to Jig Pro for team collaboration, commercial CAD formats like SolidWorks, and use on desktop computers.


How can businesses use Augmented Reality?

Manufacturers can remotely launch new products to market, train sales and support staff, and demonstrate complex products to clients to close sales faster.

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How does 5G make this better?

Sharing complex 3D information is data-intensive.
5G ensures you can access Jigs in AR the moment you need them, and live multiplayer presentations with teams or customers are high-quality and low latency, no matter where you are.

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