How Leading Companies Use JigSpace

Learn how customers in different industries get value from JigSpace

JigSpace Medtronic Cardboard City 600x400



Medtronic engineers use JigSpace to design and rapidly prototype manufacturing of life-saving medical devices, so they can collaborate easier and go to market faster.

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JigSpace Jig Workshop Pro Hino Trucks A09 Cropped 600x400



This leading global truck manufacturer uses JigSpace to digitally transport large complex products into dealer training and customer product demonstrations.

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Jig Pro Triangle Waterquip Filtaworx filter augmented reality 600x400



Triangle Waterquip, a family-run water filtration manufacturer, wins sales from global rivals by using JigSpace for site-surveys and product demonstrations.

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Swoop-Aero_Drone_Jig-Workshop-Pro_Product-Training 600x400



JigSpace enables Swoop Aero to effectively train remote communities how to operate novel medical delivery drones with simple 3D instructions on iPads.

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