Make a 3D product demo in under 5 minutes

There is no need to spend hours or days making a great product demonstration from your CAD files.

Watch the tutorial below on how to transform a CAD file of a coffee machine into a realistic AR presentation in under 5 minutes using Jig Workshop.


Download free CAD file and try yourself

To get started

1. Open the Jig Workshop app

2. From main menu, Create a new Jig

3. Click  +  button and 'My 3D objects' > 'Use my own 3D objects'

4. Locate on your device the saved OBJ file that you downloaded above

5. Follow the video, pausing it where necessary to learn and repeat each step.


Materials Key

A guide to the materials used in the tutorial:



Desktop application

This Jig was created using the Jig Workshop Pro desktop application, but can also be completed on iPhone or iPad.

The desktop app, on Mac or Windows, is available for download on a Pro subscription, and also features STEP file imports, 300Mb upload limits, 3D asset library and so much more. View all features.

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