JigSpace Press Kit

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Are you interested in writing about JigSpace or augmented reality apps? If you want to add our logo or product images to your website, presentation or assignment this page is for you.

Our press kit contains logos, fact sheet, team and product photos. 

If you are a member of the press and cannot find what you are looking for - or would like to talk to someone at JigSpace - please contact us.

Brand and Product Hierarchy

JigSpace Inc, is the company and developer of the following apps:

Presskit2021_JigSpace-app-logoJigSpace App
Explore, learn, create and share 3D presentations in minutes. Free on Apple iPad and iPhone.


Presskit2021_JigPro-app-logo.pngJig Pro
A subscription upgrade to JigSpace apps for professional users: includes a desktop app, more CAD file compatibility, team collaboration and security. It is priced per user and role in an organisation.


Logo examples



Logo colors

The colours used in product variations of the logo for each product are:

  • Blue #0099FF

  • Black #3B3B3B


Logo usage guidelines

When using the JigSpace company or product logos, remember to:

     1. Always leave adequate space around the logo so it is never cramped



     2. Maintain the original aspect ratio and do not distort the logo



     3. Use the recommended colors and do not re-color the logo



     4. Use the correct format and size for the medium (e.g. PDF for print, SVG for web)