Jig Workshop Pro

Create engaging sales presentations and training material from your 3D content, machinery or equipment in augmented reality.

🚚Learn how Hino Trucks uses Jig Workshop for dealer sales training and product demonstrations


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CAD Compatibility

Import STEP, STL or OBJ files, created from popular CAD programs like SolidWorks, Fusion360 or FreeCAD.


Offline Mode

Present your Jigs instantly offline in areas of low-internet connectivity, like trade-shows or remote locations.


Secure Creating and Presenting

Securely share 3D presentations with team members, partners and 3rd parties to control your content and safeguard IP.


Custom Branding for Sales

Remove Jig branding and apply your own. Perfect for trade shows, product demonstrations and retail sales.

Continuous updates to core JigSpace platform

We are continuously releasing new updates, our latest app includes these features:

3D Materials@2x

Custom Textures

Create the most realistic 3D models by adding RMA, normal and diffusion to your objects.
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Shared remote live presentations in Jig

Remote Live Presentations

Like a Zoom call, but for 3D content. Invite up to 20 participants, who can interact with the Jig and chat via audio channel. Read more →


Product Demonstrations

Present your CAD-engineered products in stunning augmented reality to win sales and customers.


Learning & Development

Easily create step-by-step instructions and training material for complex 3D products or spatial concepts.


Rapid Prototyping

Show, don't tell.

Incorporate augmented reality into your lean manufacturing processes with minimum effort.

Eric Peck

Swoop Aero


"Jig Workshop helps us quickly train remote communities around the world on how to interact with our complex medical delivery drones before they arrive.”

William Harding

Distinguished Technical Fellow

Medtronic plc


“As a solution that has enabled Medtronic to conceptualize new cell operating system designs (COS) and assisting us in the development of new medical devices, I have found JigSpace to be a critical solution that aligns with our innovative strategy.”

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