Complex 3D Product Demos with Triangle Waterquip

Demonstrating innovative products anywhere in the world

Triangle Waterquip is an innovative manufacturer of the FILTAWORX water filter in Melbourne, Australia. These fully automatic self cleaning water filtration systems are used throughout the industrial, irrigation, municipal and mining sectors around the world.
The FILTAWORX range of products are sold both directly from the factory to customers, and via resellers. Selling usually requires a product demonstration of these highly differentiated and highly configurable filters, but this was only possible at annual trade shows and occasionally via site tours where available.



Key challenges:

  • demonstrate unique mechanical details pre-sale
  • enabling resellers and inside sales
  • remote product demonstrations.

Triangle Waterquip turned to JigSpace to speed up client decision making and win business against determined international competitors. Jig Pro gave them a new way to demonstrate their advanced technology and novel filtration systems in 3D.
This brought their product into boardrooms around the world, whilst on-site demonstrations could be instantly experienced in augmented reality as part of pre-sales quotations, saving time and travel costs. The ability to spontaneously show a realistic model of a piece of heavy industrial equipment in a meeting on an iPhone or iPad can rapidly speed up decision making in a sales discussion.

Jig Pro Triangle Waterquip Filtaworx filter augmented reality 600x400


"Using this innovative AR platform enables us to showcase our range of filtration products to our customer base anywhere in the world, eliminating costly transport of product costs of the past"

Mike King
General Manager

Jig Pro’s built in security and sharing features enable the use of detailed CAD-based 3D presentations with a distributed reseller network with peace of mind that intellectual property is safe. The Triangle Waterquip mechanical engineers use SolidWorks, whose STEP export files can be imported directly into JigSpace for sales and marketing. This ensures models are accurate without burdening the engineering team to create customised 3D content.

“We see JigSpace as an integral partner to achieve our quality control and visualisation goals. The versatility of JigSpace meets a number of our Horizon 2 and 3 aspirations,” says King.

Key Jig Pro features used in JigSpace by Triangle Waterquip:

  • STEP file import from SolidWorks
  • Offline mode to present AR in remote locations
  • Secure sharing of 3D presentations with customers.

Features for Pro users


Works On All Devices

JigSpace Desktop, iPad and iOS devices all synchronise with your cloud-based Jig Pro account.


Easy to use. No code required.

Easy tools to create and deploy 3D training presentations without any code required.


AR Presentations

Immersive presentations in Augmented Reality for engagement and retention


Flexible Sharing

Share via public web links, email sign-in guests or permanent team-based role permissions.

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CAD File Import

Import STEP, SolidWorks or OBJ files into your Jigs. No waiting on engineering to make content.


Materials and Textures

Stunning 3D graphics, materials and custom textures to transform your 3D models into reality.


Multiplayer Presentations

Host live interactive product demonstrations with remote users in Augmented Reality.


Permission Management

Control who can manage, view and edit training material or assets with granular permission.


3D Asset Library

Bulk upload, manage and distribute 3D assets directly to your presentations and guides.

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Regulatory Compliance

Create technically accurate training material for regulated products using CAD-based models.


Offline mode

Save content to your mobile devices to access in remote locations or internet dead-zones.

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Custom branding

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