AR Prototyping with Medtronic

Prototyping in advanced manufacturing


Medtronic, plc is the world’s largest manufacturer of medical devices with their operational headquarters in Minnesota, USA.

Medtronic engineers use Jig Workshop 3D presentation tools running on iPad with ARKit in a closed-loop manufacturing domain to bring life-saving products to market. Benefits include reduced time and costs in design, prototyping, collaboration and training.


Example of Six Sigma Cardboard City Process Station used in prototypingExample of  a Medtronic Six Sigma Cardboard City Process Station used in prototyping manufacturing assembly


Prototyping new medical devices often uses traditional Six-Sigma ‘Cardboard City’ simulations of a hospital surgical room or device manufacturing environments. This process takes 2-3 weeks to construct and requires up to 20 experts, users, and support staff across multiple business units to be physically on site.

These usability simulations, whilst valuable, go through an average of 4-5 iterations and changes costing around $30,000 each time.

With Jig Workshop, Medtronic staff now create 3D scenes of their medical devices in CAD level of detail within hours, a vast improvement on cardboard mock ups. These prototypes are easily shared in-app or via a link then presented in augmented reality on Apple iPad for real-world comparison and rapid iteration.


MDT Workshop CC 8sec 1024 vfr


William Harding, Distinguished Technical Fellow and Chair of Medtronic's Technical Fellows says:

“Using JigSpace as part of our lean manufacturing development efforts has enabled Medtronic to create and test solutions in a matter of hours versus weeks, where the savings associated with the tool’s usage, at just one of hundreds of facilities, is an estimated $30k per model developed.”


Experts in offices around the world can view and collaborate without having to travel to the sites, reducing interruptions and costs.

Video recordings of the AR presentations, or marked up 3D Jigs, are saved directly onto the iPad or desktop app as artefacts for internal reference.


MDT AR CC 6sec cfr

"As a solution that has enabled Medtronic to conceptualize new cell operating system designs (COS) as well as assisting us in the development of new medical devices, I have found JigSpace to be a critical solution that aligns with our innovative strategy."

William Harding
Distinguished Technical Fellow


Medtronic uses Jig Pro from JigSpace to scale across multiple divisions, geographies and use cases. Features like secure-sharing to secure intellectual property and trade-secrets is vital. Whilst the ability to upload CAD files from SolidWorks and create content on a desktop, speeds up authoring time.

Earlier in 2020 Medtronic partnered with JigSpace to deliver a series of 3D assembly and maintenance training guides for the PB560 Ventilator in response to the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent surge in global demand for ventilator production. Since its release, over 7,000 manufacturers have accessed the 3D guides over 20,000 times demonstrating the scale of deployments that are possible on Jig Pro.


Features for Pro users


Works On All Devices

JigSpace Desktop, iPad and iOS devices all synchronise with your cloud-based Jig Pro account.


Easy to use. No code.

Easy tools to create and deploy 3D training presentations without any code required.


AR Presentations

Immersive presentations in Augmented Reality for realistic simulation and demonstrations.


Flexible Sharing

Share via public web links, email sign-in guests or permanent team-based role permissions.

Group 2333

CAD File Import

Import STEP, SolidWorks or OBJ files into your Jigs. No waiting on engineering to make content.


Materials and Textures

Stunning 3D graphics, materials and custom textures to transform your 3D models into reality.


Multiplayer Presentations

Host live interactive product demonstrations with remote users in Augmented Reality.


Permission Management

Control who can manage, view and edit training material or assets with granular permission.


3D Asset Library

Bulk upload, manage and distribute 3D assets directly to your presentations and guides.

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Regulatory Compliance

Create technically accurate training material for regulated products using CAD-based models.


Offline mode

Save content to your mobile devices to access in remote locations or internet dead-zones.

custom branding

Custom branding

Customize the JigSpace apps with your logo and colors to align with your company branding.

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