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CAD files import

Import CAD files up to 300Mb each directly into presentations, or link directly from your organisation's 3D Asset Library. 

Use OBJ, STEP, STL or SLDASM files from mechanical engineering software like SolidWorks or Fusion.

Powerful tools

Use our range of popular materials or add your own custom textures to get your CAD models looking amazing.


Easy to use

JigSpace is like Powerpoint, for 3D.

Any employee, from sales to marketing, training, HR and operations can create or edit presentations in minutes.



Desktop App

The same tools you already love, from the comfort of your desktop computer.

All creating and editing features

Easily create step-by-step product presentations or training material for complex 3D products.


Works On All Devices

Create or edit on Desktop, iPad and iOS devices with your cloud-based Jig Pro account.


Move, Scale and Rotate

Move your objects across three dimensions, scale with or without proportions and rotate 


Lasso Selection

Save time by selecting multiple objects, big or small, with our handy lasso selection tool.



Share via public web links, email sign-in guests or permanent team-based role permissions.

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CAD File Import

Import STEP, SolidWorks or OBJ files up to 300Mb each directly into your Jig, or via the 3D asset library.


Colors, Materials and Textures

Make your 3D objects look incredibly realistic with our range of formatting options.



Group small objects together for formatting, movement and arrangement in your Jigs.


Eye Dropper

Stunning 3D graphics, materials and custom textures to transform your 3D models into reality.


3D Asset Library

Bulk upload, manage and distribute 3D assets directly to your presentations and team.


Caption and Label

Captions help summarise each step, whilst objects can have labels to clarify and inform viewers.

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Replication Tool

Copy and paste formatting to objects forward or backward across one or all of your steps.


Augmented Reality Preview

View your presentations in AR with one touch to preview your presentations.

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